Ladybird Premium Chicken was developed for foodservice and cash and carry customers looking to capitalize on trending preferences in the consumer marketplace while sourcing a more tender chicken product. Humanely raised** on family farms, the all natural* line of fresh products are made from smaller, all-female chickens providing more consistent sizing and portion control. Ladybird chicken is aged on the bone before processing, optimizing flavor, retention of moisture, and most of all yielding better texture and tenderness.

Originally developed for a single Northeast customer, Ladybird products quickly became a regional favorite, and customer requests for larger orders prompted the company’s decision to ramp up sales and production to meet anticipated demand. “We’re market-driven and our customers are experts in their marketplace so we partnered to create a product we knew would get quick market penetration. Success told us there was a niche in the larger marketplace for Ladybird chicken,” said Clint Rivers, President and CEO of Wayne Farms LLC.


Fresh product selections include: 99% fat free super-trimmed chicken breast fillets; boneless, skinless breast fillets with rib meat; clipped tenderloins; and whole and split wings. Distributors and retail customers interested in Ladybird products can visit or contact a Wayne Farms sales representative. Customers looking for Ladybird products will find them in expanding markets in the Northeast, with West Coast and national market distribution on the near horizon.

*Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients. 
**Meets Wayne Farms animal welfare standards for assuring the highest level of commitment and integrity to the well-being of our chickens by providing quality nutrition, reliable shelter, stress-free environmental conditions, and support of natural behaviors.