With the help of the egg industry, USDA’s Agricultural Research Service and Agricultural Marketing Service, and academia, USPoultry has introduced a new shell egg washing training module. The Egg Washing Principles module discusses why eggs are washed, what the operational requirements are for effective washing and pathogen control, and what the best practices are to monitor compliance of your food safety plan. The module has an additional resource section with demonstrations on cleaning and sanitizing egg washers and supporting documentation for your food safety plan.

The egg washing module is a continuation of the egg refrigeration requirements module and can be used in conjunction with teaching employees about food safety requirements for egg packing plants. These training modules are dedicated to informing egg packing plant personnel about the requirements and basic practices necessary to comply with food safety systems.


USPoultry’s Learning Management System (LMS) is free to USPoultry members. The USPoultry LMS can be accessed by visiting the USPoultry website at www.uspoultry.org/training. For more information and to register for this course, please contact Rafael Rivera at rrivera@uspoultry.org.