As part of iCell Sustainable Nutrition’s global expansion strategy, the company’s board of directors recently announced the appointment of Mark Rottmann as CEO and Dr. Hellen Wang to Vice President of R&D and International Sales & Marketing. 

These executive changes in iCell’s top-level management team are strategic and support the rapid expansion of iCell’s Single Cell Protein business around the globe. The Board emphasized the value of creating an executive team with extensive international experience to integrate global-based resources, including manufacturing, distribution and product technologies. 

For three years, Mr. Rottmann, who earned a BSME from S. Illinois University, has served as iCell’s VP of Business Development, helping to drive the growth of iCell in projects outside of China, along with providing key direction to product development and commercial efforts. 


In addition, Mr. Rottmann brings 30 years of international industry experience in all aspects of production, sales, regulatory, financing and P&L management to provide the experience and leadership that helps position iCell to meet its global protein ingredient business objectives. From a growth perspective, iCell will rely on Rottman’s leadership for investment, financing and capital deployment strategies over the next 24 months to help enable the company for rapid global growth. 

Dr. Hellen Wang earned a Ph.D. degree in Animal Nutrition from China Agriculture University. For 16 years, Dr. Wang has been leveraging her experience in the science of feed ingredients to create commercial opportunities for companies and products. In her past roles as a company officer & executive leader at Gentech Industries Group/Supro-Bio China, Dr. Wang earned the respect of her peers for her focused approach to executing business plans and delivering commercial results in very competitive environments.