Eggoist by Texha is the new look at a well-known floor system for the simple shift to cage-free eggs production. It is a unique combination of classical nests and slats system with modern steel house structure. Three, four or five floors equipped with all life support systems integrated in one house allow to achieve commercial efficiency and viability coupled with significant savings on construction. Eggoist provides good conditions for hens making them free and healthy.

The fully automated feeding system is designed to deliver fresh and uniform ration from external silo to each bird at all floors of the house. Fill-in feed transporters are featured with double augers run by separate motor drives to shorten bunker fill in time and service downtime.


Single or double-tiered nests are located in the middle of each floor and provide more than enough space for hens to lay eggs in conditions close to natural. Inclined and covered by Astroturf egg-laying pads help to keep eggs from cracks, pecks and dirt. Motor-driven grates expel birds from nest boxes for nighttime. Perforated polypropylene egg collection belts deliver eggs to house elevator unit.

Manure is evacuated by polypropylene manure belts located under each slat. Cross conveyor from each floor and house inclined conveyor take manure out of the house. Walk-in corridors allow house’s stuff to make daily checks with minimum interaction with a flock and get into bird’s area only when needed.