During National Family Meals Month, Eggland's Best (EB) reminds families about the importance of spending time at the table with family, while eating nutritious meals. 

In honor of September being National Family Meals Month, EB has launched the Better Family Meals Program to help empower families to stay healthy by choosing more nutritious foods. Eggland's Best also continues to be a proud national supporter of the American Heart Association's Healthy for Good movement, which encourages people to take small steps every day to build lifelong healthy habits for themselves and for their families. On the American Heart Association's site, families can find helpful resources, recipes and tips created in collaboration with Eggland's Best to make mealtime easier and more nutritious.

"At the American Heart Association, we believe that preparing meals together is a great way for families to build cohesion and to build healthy habits wherever and whenever they eat," said Eduardo Sanchez, M.D., M.P.H., FAAFP, chief medical officer for prevention and chief of the Center for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the American Heart Association. "We're excited to again have Eggland's Best's support of Healthy for Good to help families learn how to eat smart and build good nutrition habits."

"At Eggland's Best, we always want to encourage families to choose nutritious foods, which is why we are excited to continue our work with such a prestigious and health conscious organization as the American Heart Association," said Charlie Lanktree, CEO of Eggland's Best. "Together we will continue to help spread awareness about the importance of Family Meals Month."

As part of the Eggland's Best Better Family Meals Program, EB has also joined forces with Sur La Table to create a better-for-you interactive cooking series. In each class, attendees will be able to take home additional delicious and nutritious recipes created by the American Heart Association and Eggland's Best.


"This is the second year I'm working with Eggland's Best on its Family Meals program, and I'm proud to say that we're really kicking it up a notch by partnering with Sur La Table to provide families across the country the opportunity to learn how to cook better-for-you, great tasting meals featuring Eggland's Best eggs," said Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist Dawn Jackson Blatner. "EB eggs are the perfect ingredient to incorporate into any family recipe because they're packed with superior nutrition compared to ordinary eggs."

Classes will take place at Sur La Table locations nationwide, kicking off during Family Meals Month (September) and running through Eat Smart Month (November), ending in December. Fans are encouraged to sign up for one of the 17,000 classes across the country that will feature delicious and nutritious recipes using Eggland's Best eggs. To learn more and sign up for a class in the EB Better Family Meals Cooking Series, visit www.surlatable.com/egglandsbest.

Haylie Duff, actress, chef, food lover and mother of two has also teamed up with Eggland's Best to provide content and recipes throughout the campaign. 

"It's important for me to use nutritious and great tasting Eggland's Best eggs in my recipes, as they are the only egg I serve to my family and recommend to my fans. I'm excited to be part of this important educational campaign around better, nutritious family meals," said Duff.

Compared to ordinary eggs, Eggland's Best eggs contain six times more vitamin D, 25% less saturated fat, more than double the Omega-3s, ten times more vitamin E, and more than double the vitamin B12. The superior nutrition of Eggland's Best is due to its proprietary all-vegetarian hen feed that contains healthy grains, canola oil and a wholesome supplement of rice bran, alfalfa, sea kelp and Vitamin E. In addition, independent testing has revealed that Eggland's Best eggs have stronger shells than ordinary eggs, which leads to less breakage and helps them stay fresher longer. Eggland's Best's patented method of production and verification ensures that every Eggland's Best egg has these superior qualities.