WATT Global Media announces the launch of a new website, www.FeedStrategy.com, building upon its premier Feed Strategy publication, to serve the worldwide compound feed industry.

The www.FeedStrategy.com website explores global feed’s impact on the food chain in a consumer-driven and fast-growing world with exclusive data, expert insight and analysis for animal feed producers, nutritionists, veterinarians, mill management and allied professionals across the globe.

Before this release, Feed Strategy had a dedicated presence on www.WATTAgNet.com where it offered news, blogs, articles, interviews and data for animal feed professionals. The new website continues to house this information and more to support successful animal protein production beginning with the feed.

The new website provides global industry professionals with the information they need to address issues facing animal feed producers. To produce an animal, over two thirds of cost is in the feed, making constant innovation and education essential for overcoming industry challenges. This includes engineering new production methods to meet future global consumer demand.

“The new website really highlights our latest feed industry news coverage and improves the user experience when accessing in-depth feature articles,” says Feed Strategy’s editor Jackie Roembke. “It is exciting to provide audiences an increased volume of exclusive feed-focused content and greater engagement across our social media networks.”


The www.FeedStrategy.com website is uniquely positioned to address critical nutrition, health and manufacturing issues impacting livestock and poultry diets on a global scale.

Top features of the website include:

  • One-stop destination for quick easy access to actionable information for feed industry professionals and formulators
  • Access to Feed Strategy’s exclusive World’s Top Feed Company data
  • Commentary from Ioannis Mavromichalis, Ph.D. and Jackie Roembke, editor, Feed Strategy
  • Up-to-date news affecting feed producers around the globe
  • Exclusive insights on the latest in feed manufacturing technologies all tied to profitable, safe animal feed production      

For further information, go to www.FeedStrategy.com. To view the Feed Strategy publication, go to www.feedstrategy-digital.com.

About Feed Strategy

Feed Strategy is the animal feed processing industry’s global resource for navigating today’s consumer-driven protein production by exploring feed’s impact on the farm-to-feed-to-fork supply chain.

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WATT Global Media provides exceptional business content and solutions to the agrifood industry. As an industry innovator, WATT Global Media has connected buyers and sellers in the poultry, animal feed and pet food industries through its media channels for over 100 years.