Expanding the understanding of U.S. grain markets for traders, importers and end-users from China was the focus of U.S. Grains Council China Trade Team offering held on September 2, 2019. Participants had an opportunity to learn about U.S. operations including basis trading and hedging. 

“This one-day course hosted six participants from China who were interested in learning more about U.S. futures markets and basis trading,” said Guy Allen, IGP Institute senior agricultural economist. “We also had an opportunity to speak with them on the U.S. supply chain.” He added, “This was an important course as they can use these tools to help their procurement of international grain particularly from the U.S.” 


This is an example of a one-day customized course offered at the IGP Institute. In addition to grain marketing and risk management courses, IGP faculty lead training in feed manufacturing and grain quality management, and grain processing and flour milling. To learn more about the offerings please visit the IGP Institute website at www.grains.ksu.edu/igp.