Case Farms proudly achieved another safety milestone on Saturday, September 14, after working one million hours without experiencing an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recordable lost-time accident (LTA) at its Goldsboro processing facility. This is the second time this year that the fully-integrated poultry farming and processing group’s Goldsboro facility has reached this significant milestone. 

“Attaining a safety milestone takes a daily commitment from every team member at our facility. We’re very proud of our employees for their dedication to workplace safety,” said Leonard Parks, Director of Human Resources, Case Farms. “Workplace safety has always been a top priority for Case Farms and this accomplishment is a testament to the effectiveness of our safety programs and initiatives.”


In the past five years, the Goldsboro facility had reached the one million hours without LTA four times. In 2018, the facility reached three million hours without reaching a recordable lost-time accident. It is truly a model facility, according to Parks. Case Farms’ Morganton facility also reached this milestone this month.

An OHSA recordable lost-time accident is one in which an employee is so injured that the doctor has determined that the person cannot come to work at all. It usually takes about five to six months for a facility to reach one million man hours without a lost-time accident.