Global Animal Partnership (GAP), North America’s most comprehensive farm animal welfare standards organization, is proud to join in announcing Serenity Kids’ launch of its latest baby food blend, Pasture Raised Turkey, the first baby food that is GAP animal welfare certified, available online today and at select retail stores at the end of October, 2019.

“When you see the GAP Animal Welfare Certified label, you know that in addition to animal welfare, no antibiotics, added growth hormones or animal by-products were used in the product’s meat ingredients,” said Anne Malleau, GAP executive director. “Consumers who value the Serenity Kids emphasis on health, sustainability, and high quality ingredients will also appreciate the GAP label as trustworthy, transparent, and meaningful.”

GAP animal welfare standards cover the entire lifecycle of the animal, and also require that every farm be third-party audited and certified to ensure GAP’s standards are being met.


Serenity Kids Pasture Raised Turkey features GAP Certified turkey from White Oak Pastures, a GAP farm partner since 2009. This new offering combines fall’s favorite ingredients: sweet potato, pumpkin, beet and avocado oil (all organic), with turkey in an easy to serve pouch for baby. Packing 5g of protein and 5g of healthy fats, Serenity Kids pouches are shelf-stable for 18-months and free to recycle, via a partnership with TerraCycle.

Serenity Kids Pasture Raised Turkey will be available online today, and on shelves in retailers Hy-Vee, Lucky’s, and Harmon’s by the end of October.

Global Animal Partnership is one of the largest animal welfare standards and labeling organizations in North America. Established in 2008, GAP impacts the welfare of over 416 million animals each year through third-party certification of more than 3,800 farms, supplying products to over 5,000 outlets. GAP believes that meaningful label claims, validated by third-party audits on every farm, are key to influencing the industry, raising consumer expectations, and creating long-lasting change for farm animals.