1. BLOG: US consumers not sold on cage-free eggs

Terrence O'Keefe: Non-organic cage-free shell egg retail sales make up 13% of total U.S. retail shell eggs in the 52 weeks ending in early October 2019, according to IRI.

2. Chick-fil-A’s first UK restaurant will be short-lived

Only eight days after Chick-fil-A opened its first restaurant in the United Kingdom (U.K.), the company was informed that it will close.

3. Worker dies in accident at House of Raeford plant

A contracted worker who was cleaning equipment at the House of Raeford poultry plant in Teachey, North Carolina, was involved in a fatal accident at the plant on October 25.

4. BLOG: PETA billboard near Alamo disrespects human lives lost

Deven King: PETA has put up a billboard near the Alamo war memorial that reads, “Remember the Animals.” According to a press release from PETA, in addition to Remember the Animals, the billboard reads “The Battle Continues. It’s not just humans who seek independence.”

5. BLOG: You need not be a rap fan to enjoy Pilgrim’s Pride video

Roy Graber: I don’t follow the rap music scene, but I would suspect that no songs from that genre about poultry processing have hit the charts.


6. Are cage-free egg sales hitting a ceiling?

Cage-free eggs might be one of the most fascinating categories in the retail food store to watch over the next few years.

7. BLOG: Sorry, Impossible Burger, we’ve found someone else

Roy Graber: With so much emphasis placed on how plant-based proteins are competitors for meat and poultry products, I never really thought about competition between companies that make those plant-based products.

8. Foster Farms wins bid to acquire former Zacky assets

Foster Farms will expand its presence in California, as the company has won the bidding to acquire 19 farms that were formerly part of Zacky Farms.

9. Mountaire Farms opens new $60 million feed mill

Mountaire Farms held a grand opening on October 16 for its new $60 million feed mill in Scotland County, North Carolina.

10. Storms disrupt production at two Tyson poultry plants

Tyson Foods poultry plants in two states had operations disrupted due to storms that occurred over the third weekend of October.