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Top 10 broiler producers worldwide


1. JBS S.A.: 3,500,000,000 head slaughtered annually in 2018

Brazil-based JBS closed 2018 as the world’s largest protein supplier and second largest food company. Subsidiary Seara produces poultry, pork and processed foods in Brazil and exports to more than 140 markets. JBS also operates Pilgrim's Pride for chicken meat processed products in the United States, Europe and Mexico. Aside from poultry, JBS produces beef and hides for domestic markets through JBS Brazil; beef and veal products in the United States, Australia and Canada through JBS USA Beef; and pork products in the United States through JBS USA Pork.

In November, WATTAgNet reported that JBS entered an agreement to acquire Frigorífico Marba Ltda. The planned acquisition would be made through the JBS subsidiary, Seara Alimentos Ltda. Seara is the remaining Brazilian poultry division of JBS SA. It produces primarily Cobb broilers, and Ross to a lesser extent. The company has Nicholas turkeys in production.

JBS subsidiary Pilgrim’s is a vertically integrated poultry company based in Greely, Colorado. The company was founded as a feed and seed store selling chicks in 1946. Pilgrim's produced 156.02 million pounds of ready-to-cook chicken on a weekly basis in 2018, an increase of 1.82 million pounds – or about 1.2 percent – from 2017. Its estimated 2018 sales were $11.039 billion, an increase from $8.835 billion in 2017. Pilgrim’s sales break out 33 percent retail, 30 percent foodservice, 23 percent industrial and 14 percent export. Product forms are 75 percent fresh and 25 percent frozen; 86 percent cut-up; 8 percent raw further processed; and 6 percent cooked. Pilgrim's offers more than 2,500 products. Its brands are Pilgrim's, Pierce and Gold Kist Farms, Just Bare, Gold'n Plump, Moy Park and O’Kane.

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