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Top 10 broiler producers worldwide


3. BRF: 1,628,000,000 head slaughtered annually in 2018

BRF, formerly Brasil Foods, is one of the largest poultry producers in the world, which was created by the association between Sadia and Perdigao. BRF produces Cobb and Ross broilers, as well as 37 million Nicholas turkeys annually. BRF is one of the biggest compound feed manufacturers in the world also and the third largest company in the butchery of poultry in Latin America. BRF operates on an international scale, with its products reaching more than 110 countries.

In June, WATTAgNet reported that BRF named Lorival Luz its global CEO. Luz previously served as global chief operating officer. In August, the company named Carlos Alberto Bezerra de Moura its chief financial, investor relations officer.

BRF had been in talks with Marfrig Global Foods (also based in Brazil) to potentially merge the companies, but ended that discussion in July.

In October, WATTAgNet reported that BRF will build a poultry processing plant in Saudi Arabia that primarily will serve Saudi and other, nearby markets. The company intends to invest about US$120 million in the facility, which would enable BRF to expand and consolidate its presence in the Saudi market. BRF expects to process breaded and marinated products, hamburgers and other products at the plant.

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