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Industrias Bachoco

9. Industrias Bachoco: 622,000,000 head slaughtered annually in 2018

Industrias Bachoco is the largest poultry company in Mexico and among the top six worldwide chicken processors, holding nearly 40 percent market share in Mexico. It sold roughly 1.5 million metric tons of poultry products in 2014. Net poultry revenues for 2014 were nearly MXN38 billion. The company produces Ross broilers and has Bovans, Hisex and Hy-Line layers in production. Bachoco has more than 1,000 production and distribution facilities organized into nine complexes throughout Mexico.

Bachoco U.S.A. constitutes the U.S. operations of Industrias Bachoco. The company was created with the purchase of American-based O.K. Industries in 2010.

O.K. Foods Inc. is a fully-integrated chicken producer based in Fort Smith, Arkansas, operating as a subsidiary of Industrias Bachoco. The company was founded as a feed maker in the 1930’s and grew into one of the largest poultry companies in the country. It employs 3,000 people at locations spread throughout three states in the U.S.

O.K. Foods produced 13.88 million pounds of ready-to-cook chicken on a weekly basis in 2018, the same amount as 2017. O.K. Industries sales break out 45 percent export, 23 percent institutional, 18 percent retail and 14 percent foodservice. Product forms are 55 percent frozen and 45 percent fresh; 95 percent cut-up; 65 percent raw further processed; and 35 percent cooked. The company's brand is Tender Bird.

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