CAT Squared is the first manufacturing execution system (MES) provider in the food industry to become an onboarding partner for IBM Food Trust, a blockchain-enabled global network of food chain participants that securely connects supply chain data across the ecosystem with trust and transparency. 

“In 2018, Walmart mandated all its leafy-greens suppliers to implement end-to-end traceability and referred their suppliers to Food Trust as part of the initiative,” said CAT Squared Marketing Manager Kathy Barbeire. “If any of our customers become part of such a mandate, they will need support connecting to the blockchain platform. We want our customers to know that we are prepared to support them, and we are excited to be the first MES provider to complete the onboarding process with IBM Food Trust. We are now taking steps towards providing a fully blockchain-enabled traceability solution for our customers.” 

“Blockchain projects require clean, accurate, trusted, verifiable data,” said CAT Squared CEO Vernon Smith. “Much of this data is housed either in a company’s ERP or its MES. It’s commonly known that there are many data-collection gaps with ERP systems because they just don’t have the capability to integrate into the plant floor. To fill those gaps, MES providers must understand the APIs (Application Program Interfaces) necessary to contribute data to a blockchain.” 


“CAT Squared is currently working with IBM Food Trust to create new blockchain solutions for our customers that leverage standards developed by GS1, an organization that develops global business communications,” said CAT Squared R&D Manager Mark Bowden. 

CAT Squared is developing a blockchain solution for food manufacturers called FoodTrace. FoodTrace offers varying levels visibility to participants along the food supply chain: 

  1. Food Manufacturer Portal: provides CAT Squared’s customers with a complete view of their plant-floor production data as well as supply chain data.
  2. Retail Portal: gives retailers access to select data for mock recalls and freshness tracking.
  3. Consumer Portal: shows select traceability and freshness data to consumers via scanning the product QR code with their mobile device. It will also allow manufacturers to offer coupon discounts and view data on what products are being scanned at which retailer outlet. 

CAT Squared will have a demo version of the CAT2 FoodTrace Consumer Portal in their booth (#B5311) at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, Georgia scheduled January 28-30, 2020. To learn more about CAT Squared and the company’s approach to blockchain technology, email