Yuriy Kosiuk, the Chairman of the Board at the MHP Agro-Industrial Holding, announced the creation of a group of companies for business transformation. Commenting on the plans and competencies of the new direction, the CEO focused on the fact that his key task would be the business transformation in various areas due to the involvement of startups and the introduction of digital technologies. MHP Digital is one of the first companies to start transforming the MHP business.

“Business in the agricultural sector is now extremely modern, and MHP is one of the most innovative holdings in Ukraine. By the level of applied modern technologies, we are not only among the leaders in Ukraine, but also we are far ahead of many European companies. Our future lies with digitalization, new digital solutions and artificial intelligence,” the Chairman of the Board at MHP said.

A large-scale and ambitious project to create a separate structure for business transformation requires thoughtful, balanced decisions as to appointments to key positions. MHP announces the following staff appointments.

Starting in January 2020, Ksenia Prozhogina, who has been holding the position of Director of the Human Resources and Communications Department at MHP since 2013, will be transferred to a new group of business transformation companies. Ksenia has 15 years of experience in senior positions in large international companies – operators of the FMCG market and the agricultural sector. She is known in the business community as the initiator and ideological inspirer of a number of large-scale innovative projects that gave MHP victories in the national ratings of the most innovative companies and the best employers of Ukraine.


Concurrently, Andriy Bulakh, who has been the Managing Partner at Deloitte Ukraine since 2014, will take up the position of Deputy CEO, People. Andriy has over 20 years of experience in auditing and consulting international and local companies in many sectors of economy.

Yuriy Kosiuk commented on the changes in the holding’s management team, “The field of business digitalization and startups is close to Prozhogina; she has the necessary expertise. That is why I consider this appointment more than logical. Do I believe that Ksenia will have enough strength and motivation? Undoubtedly, yes, I do! Andriy Bulakh is a very worthy candidate for the position of Deputy CEO, People. I am glad that he accepted the offer and will soon become part of the MHP team. I am sure he will multiply what has already been done in his domain with efficient decisions and actions.”

Ksenia Prozhogina said of her transfer to the newly created structure, “When reviewing the company’s business model, we realized that transforming the business, products and processes inside is difficult and inefficient. We decided to bring the transformation team to the outside by creating a new structure. This team will face new, very ambitious tasks: from the complete transformation of customer service, the digitalization of processes related to various consumers, the creation of a completely new business model for franchising and distribution to the complete transformation of the holding’s business model. The business transformation group has several different companies that will test hypotheses, new products and processes to gradually get the best case and the most efficient business model. We believe that the future lies with young talents, startups and innovations that will help solve classic business problems by applying innovative ideas, novel approaches and, most importantly, fresh perspectives on various issues. Subsequently, it may lead to a completely new company working as a venture capital fund, such as MHP ventures that can enter the market. I am proud that I will be able to contribute to the creation and development of a new direction and to stand at its origins.”

Andriy Bulakh said on his new role, “When heading Deloitte Ukraine – a part of the largest professional services company in the world – I could help companies in the Ukrainian market transform and adapt their operational business models to new challenges. I am now ready to use the accumulated experience to achieve the ambitious transformation goals of MHP. Corporate culture, values and competency model, increasing efficiency and productivity of employees and organizations, new training formats, switching to more flat, flexible and adaptive staff management models, motivation and involvement, including generation Z, integration of existing and new foreign enterprises – this is just a small list of issues that I will deal with in a new position. I am glad of the confidence placed in me and ready to start putting ambitious plans into practice with enthusiasm.”