Tyson Foods announced a donation of 87,500 pounds or 350,000 meals1 to U.S. Army soldiers and their families stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Thousands of soldiers from Fort Bragg were recently deployed overseas and the protein donation is an effort by the company to recognize the sacrifice by our service members and their families. 

“Like so many Americans, thousands of military families will gather this Sunday to celebrate great food, the competition of sports, and the camaraderie of friends and family,” said Debra Vernon, senior director, corporate social responsibility, Tyson Foods. “We hope this donation will make those gatherings even more special and provide one less worry.”

Since 2015, the company has donated more than 50 million pounds of protein to food banks, community pantries and disaster relief efforts. It’s also committed to supporting our nation’s military by hiring veterans, attending recruiting events on military bases and providing differential pay for all employees called to military duty.

In 2017, the company entered into a partnership with the U.S. Army to employ more soldiers as they transition into civilian life. The U.S. Army Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) guarantees soldiers a job interview and possible employment after their service in the military is over.

Tyson Foods employs more than 6,500 people throughout the state, and last year, we paid North Carolina poultry growers more than $65 million. The company also purchases grain, diesel and other utilities in North Carolina and estimates its annual statewide economic impact at more than $446 million.

1 One meal = ¼ pound