Antibiotic free, sustainably raised, low price, fresh, local, recyclable packaging, plant-based, healthy, environmental impacts, delivery and the list goes on.

The number of vocal demands from consumers in the marketplace only continue to grow, while poultry suppliers struggle to determine where to focus their attention.

“Nowadays, the poultry industry has so much more competition than just chicken or pork. There’s the meat and deli department in the grocery store, the restaurant down the street, plant-based proteins and more. There’s just so much competition all around,” says Meagan Nelson, the associate director of the Fresh Growth & Strategy Team at Nielsen.

“It’s important to zero in on the key themes and trends that are actually resonating with consumers to determine what is actually driving growth within chicken among the myriad of health, wellness and sustainability claims today.”

Nelson will present and evaluate key trends in the retail landscape from production and sustainability claims, as well as how consumer purchasing and protein eating habits are shifting, at the 2020 Chicken Marketing Summit, to be held July 19-21 at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort in Fernandina Beach, Florida.

Know your lane

Given the myriad number of consumer demands, it’s important for suppliers to evaluate their own policies and principles when picking a focus.

“For certain consumers, it's absolutely going to be about cage-free eggs and they are not going to buy anything else. But for other consumers, low prices still going to be king. There is no one size fits all,” Nelson said.

To best fit this need, suppliers need to pick a lane, which will enable them to market themselves to the consumers that best fit that strategy.

“Companies have to examine themselves first and then decide which lane fits themselves best,” Nelson explained. “If your company policy is big on sustainability and environmental impact, it will somewhat give you your lane.”

To hear more from Nelson, register for the 2020 Chicken Marketing Summit.

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