How is COVID-19 affecting your business? We’ve all read about the upswing in demand for poultry meat and eggs, but surges in demand come with problems all of their own.

Governments around the world have introduced measures to slow the spread of the virus, yet these measures are often incompatible with continuing business operations. Government support packages, while well intentioned, are not always having the positive outcomes that legislators intended.

Daily updates on the novel coronavirus and how businesses may respond may be well intentioned, but the fast-moving nature of pandemic and government responses that are constantly changing have, on more than one occasion, led to confusion at.  What has been your experience to date?

Let us know

This is certainly a time when businesses have to adapt to markedly changed circumstances and we want to know how yours is faring.


Do you have the information that you need to carry on with “business as normal” as much you possibly can? Are clients and partners facilitating or hindering? Are staff able to adapt to changed working conditions?

WATT Global Media’s poultry team has put together a short survey to find out what the poultry industry really needs during the current crisis and to help identify where it is experiencing difficulties. Please spare a moment to follow the link below and fill out the short questionnaire.

This is your opportunity to make your voice heard and the anonymized results will be shared across our media channels. Let us know how the pandemic is impacting your business by April 14th  - you can find the survey here.

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