NuCal Foods, a Northern California distributor of eggs from local family farms, will be donating six million eggs to local California foodbanks and nonprofits and their partner agencies of pantries, soup kitchens, and shelters who serve thousands of people in need. In a community effort, NuCal is working with multiple partners to distribute the eggs, which are in the form of frozen eggs in 5-gallon containers.

"No one should go hungry during this challenging Covid-19 emergency. With school closures and job losses, thousands of Californians will depend on local nonprofits for help," said Dave Crockett, President of NuCal Foods. "Many children depend on school lunches as their primary nutrition for the day. We want to support the non-profit organizations that are filling the gap for those most vulnerable in our local community."

NuCal Foods is requesting the assistance of trucking companies that can donate their distribution services to deliver the eggs to those nonprofits that are feeding our most vulnerable populations in California.

"NuCal Foods and the family farms we work with are reaching out to assist the thousands of California residents that have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic," he said. "These nutritious eggs may be a blessing to many people during this challenging time."


If your organization is involved in feeding those in need, and would like to participate in this donation, please call NuCal Foods, Dawn Forsmann at (209) 254-2200.

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