Hamlet Protein, pioneer and global market leader in vegetable protein specialties for young animals, has been a household name in solutions for piglets and calves for many years. Under new management, the company has started to target the poultry market more actively. With the knowledge acquired in direct interaction with nutritionist and veterinarians across the world, Hamlet Protein is now bringing its value proposition to a broader group of customers. 

In February, Hamlet Protein was present at the annual Danish poultry congress Fjerkrækongres, hosted by the Danish Agriculture & Food Council. It is the largest professional gathering in the country for nutritionists, veterinarians and production managers from broiler and layer operations. Even though Denmark is predominantly known as swine producer, with 28 million pig produced annually, the poultry niche market with 115 million slaughtered birds per year has been growing steadily. 

Hamlet Protein has production locations in both Denmark and USA. These two home markets provide Hamlet Protein’s commercial and technical teams with the opportunity to interact more closely with the market when developing new products and understanding today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. 

With 9 billion broilers produced and 250 million turkeys, the US is an important poultry market. After a challenging 2019, the US broiler industry is expected to see improved returns in 2020. Weakness in breast-meat prices (-1% YOY) at year-end more than offset Q4 gains in leg quarters (+35% YOY) and wings (up 23% YOY), and contributed to break-even results for integrators. 


Early March Hamlet Protein invited a group of industry leading nutritionists and academia to attend a private poultry meeting in Charleston (South Carolina). Sharing the results of recent field trials with HP AviStart in broilers, the Hamlet team engaged in a direct interaction with producers and scientists to address the various views on nutritional needs of young broilers and the challenges producers face in today’s market. 

Erik Visser, CEO at Hamlet Protein, commented: “The opportunity to spend time with some of the brightest minds in poultry production is extremely valuable to us, as we constantly work on updating our value proposition for our customers. By sharing our combined knowledge, we create value together. That for me is the right way of making sure that our scientific approach and investments are directed towards bringing real solutions to our current and new customers.” 

Hamlet Protein produces soy-based protein ingredients for young piglet, poultry and cattle feed at two production plants in Denmark and the US. Hamlet Protein services customers around the world through a network of own sales offices and distributors. Find out more on hamletprotein.com