Reoviruses are constantly changing and evolving, with multiple serotypes that threaten poultry health and performance — until now. Phibro Animal Health Corporation’s latest Tailor-Made autogenous vaccines for poultry reovirus contain farm-specific serotypes, ensuring a close match for the ever-changing field conditions.

“Reovirus strains circulating in the U.S. today are antigenically distinct from classic field strains,” says Tom King, Phibro’s Director, U.S. Poultry Business. “This volatility means that a vaccine offering good protection today can have limited use in the next flock.”

Autogenous vaccines are uniquely positioned to help poultry producers address the continuous, antigenic changes of reovirus found in the field. Supported by Phibro’s renowned diagnostics and R&D capabilities, Phibro’s new autogenous vaccine for reovirus solution features the following:

  • Customized batch-sized flexibility. Phibro can produce batch sizes that enable serotypes to be tailored to each customer’s need. (Batches start at 500 bottles of 1,000 doses.)


  • Combinable with other autogenous poultry antigens.


  • Formulated with MVP adjuvants. Phibro’s autogenous vaccines are formulated with proprietary adjuvants, matched to the antigen, host and immune response needed.


  • Compatible with user-friendly VAC Tracker. The app enables step-by-step, password-protected visibility into the autogenous vaccine manufacturing process, tracking from the arrival of the samples at the laboratory up to shipment of the finished goods. 

“Phibro is committed to developing poultry health innovations to address industry needs,” says King. “This reovirus solution will help producers safeguard their flocks from a major threat today, and we’re already developing additional poultry autogenous vaccines to help keep them profitable in the future.”


Phibro’s poultry reovirus autogenous vaccine is for the vaccination of healthy breeder pullets, with a recommended dose of 0.5 mL per pullet by intramuscular or subcutaneous injection.

Contact your Phibro representative to coordinate sample collection to customize and manufacture your autogenous vaccine.

*Potency and efficacy have not been established for autogenous biologics.