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Infographics: North American cage-free egg commitments

Infographic: Cage-free egg pledges in travel industry

Some pledges should already be filled, while more are to come in or before 2025

Numerous companies within the travel and hospitality industry serving North America have vowed to source and sell only cage-free eggs.

These companies represent the hotel, casino, resort, theme park, cruise line and airline sectors.

A commitment tracker webpage, brought to WATT Global Media’s attention by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), lists the companies and the years in which those commitments were to be met. If those pledges were in fact met, many of those companies are already exclusively serving cage-free eggs.

The companies to pledge to only use eggs from cage-free hens, and the years the pledges were to be met, can be seen in this infographic:

The companies that made commitments to serve only cage-free eggs prior to 2020 include Hyatt Hotels, Hilton Hotels, Mariott International, Wyndham Worldwide, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Disney Cruise Line and Virgin Airlines.

Royal Caribbean Cruises has vowed to complete the transition by 2022, while the following companies have committed to exclusively serving cage-free eggs by 2025: Four Seasons, Six Flags Inc., Carnival Corporation, Norwegian Cruise Line and Caesar’s Entertainment.

To help these companies, as well as others within the retail, restaurant, foodservice and food manufacturing industries, meet their pledges, U.S. egg producers are actively converting their operations to cage-free laying systems.

In addition to companies within the hospitality industry, a large number of restaurant chains, foodservice providers, food manufacturers and processors, distributors, and grocery retailers have also made commitments to sell or serve cage-free eggs. Infographics that list those companies are also being published on WATTAgNet.

Laws have been passed in California, Oregon, Washington, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Michigan that will require all eggs produced and/or sold in their state come from cage-free laying systems. Additionally, similar legislation is under consideration in the states of Maine, Arizona, Hawaii and Colorado.