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Infographics: North American cage-free egg commitments

Infographic: Cage-free pledges of manufacturers and distributors

Some food manufacturers have already made the complete switch to cage-free eggs, but goals of distributors are several years down the road

The U.S. egg industry continues to add cage-free laying systems to meet the demands of companies that have pledged to source only cage-free eggs. Food manufacturers and processors, as well as distributors, are included in those companies.

The infographic, shown below, lists the food manufacturers and distributors that have made such pledges, as well as the dates in which the switch to only cage-free eggs will be met.

Food manufacturers

According to information from a commitment tracker webpage brought to WATT Global Media’s attention by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) some manufacturers already exclusively used cage-free eggs, while six set to have the transition to sourcing 100% cage-free eggs on or before 2020.

Those already sourcing only cage-free eggs are CROPP Cooperative/Organic, Valley Family of Farms and Hormel Foods.

Seven other food manufacturers have pledged to complete the transition by 2025.

Among the companies on the list is Eggland’s Best, which stated that it was working with its suppliers and customers to make the transition by 2025.

“We will work closely with our suppliers to make this change in a way that ensures the great taste, nutrition, and freshness that consumers love and expect from Eggland’s Best eggs. We will not compromise food safety or animal welfare in working toward this goal,” the company stated in 2016.

Two of the companies to make pledges are diversified food businesses that are among the nation’s top turkey companies. Hormel Foods, parent company of Jennie-O Turkey Store, is the second largest turkey company in the United States, while Kraft Heinz ranks sixth among turkey producers.


To date, no major distributors have made the switch to exclusive use of cage-free eggs.

Sysco plans to make the transition on or before 2025, while BiRite Foodservice and US Foods have 2026 as their goal.