Lincoln Premium Poultry announced three additional cases of COVID-19.  Going forward, the company says they will provide a weekly report to the community and media. 

“All three employees worked on night shift in the 2nd processing part of our facility, all connected employees have been notified, and all are self-isolating at home with pay” said Jessica Kolterman, Director of Corporate and External Affairs. 

This brings the total number of confirmed cases at the company to six.  Lincoln Premium Poultry is in the process of notifying individuals over 65-years of age that they will be given the option to self-isolate at this time.  Additionally, Lincoln Premium Poultry is working to implement additional protection measures recommended by UMNC on their visit last Friday. The company had previously limited visitors to the facility, stopped food service and installed dividers on tables, implemented nightly intense cleaning interventions, is taking the temperature of all entering their facilities and has provided masks to their workforce.  They have also provided a $2/hour increase to all hourly workers, which began in March, and will be providing chicken for their team members.  This virus is not foodborne and cannot be transmitted through food or potable water. 

“We have been extremely aggressive in fighting for tests for our team members,” said Kolterman, “which is why we believe we have seen these positives.  Without aggressive testing, we won’t know what we are dealing with so we will continue to advocate for increased testing among our team.”


Kolterman emphasized the importance of food processing in the country, sharing that Lincoln Premium Poultry will strive towards continued production as much as possible. “If food processing facilities continue to shut down the meat supply in this country will rapidly dwindle.  We are working hard to implement interventions to prevent that from happening.”

Lincoln Premium Poultry was founded in 2016 in Fremont, Nebraska and began operations on September 9, 2019. 

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