Danisco Animal Nutrition has released research findings that indicate pig producers can save around US$5/ton in feed costs using diets containing distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS). This savings, according to the company, does not risk animal performance.

In a trial conducted at the University of Illinois, combining a new-generation phytase (Phyzyme XP) with a xylanase enzyme (Porzyme 9302) in corn-based pigs diets containing 20% corn, DDGS significantly improved digestible energy by 5.6%, ileal amino acid digestibility by 4% to 8% and increased phosphorus digestibility from 22% to 51%.

In a trial conducted at the University of Kentucky, adding the xylanase and phytase combination resulted in net savings in feed costs of about US$5/ton. Performance of pigs fed a corn-based diet containing 20% corn DDGS reduced in both digestible energy and available phosphorus and supplemented with the enzyme combination, was at least equivalent to the performance of pigs fed a more expensive standard diet.

Danisco said that while DDGS is potentially a cost effective and valuable feed ingredient, there are certain anti-nutritional factors which can limit its use in pig feed.