What will COVID-19 and its economic impact mean for cage-free transitions?

In a video interview with WATTAgNet, Mark Kleinsmith, national sales manager with Lubing Systems spoke about the current egg industry market and how COVID-19 will only add to the already challenging shift to cage-free.

Not only will it be hard for producers with conventional systems that were in the process of transitioning to continue, but it will be even more challenging for those who had not started yet.

Kleinsmith explains that he does not believe the industry can make the transition within the expected 4-year time frame, even with COVID-19 out of the equation.


Take cage-free out of the equation – if nothing changes relatively soon, what is at stake for egg producers? Kleinsmith addresses several of his concerns for producers during these unprecedented times, including the roller coaster of egg pricing that has occurred.   

Egg producers have overcome many obstacles and they will overcome this too, he concludes.

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