To produce safer food for Canadians, the food industry and government are coming together to share information and learn about emerging technologies and science.

A food safety symposium titled "Enhancing Our Knowledge and Capabilities to Produce Safer Food" is the first gathering of its kind since the new Canadian listeria policy was put into place. Hosted by Maple Leaf Foods, it will involve representatives from the Canadian food industry, government and the research community.


The symposium features presentations from Canada's leading health and regulatory experts including Jane Billings from the Public Health Agency of Canada, who will discuss foodborne illness trends and public health initiatives in Canada. Brian Evans of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency will discuss the agency's regulatory approach and provide an update on actions taken related to listeria.

Global experts in communication, detection and control will present the latest findings in testing and use of antimicrobials to build an effective listeria management program, and discuss how to effectively communicate risk.