WATT Global Media recently released the April edition of Industria Avícola magazine with exclusive profiles of the leading poultry companies in Latin America. The survey includes rankings in broiler production, laying hens and turkey production as well as additional insights on these industries.

This past year in 2019, Latin American broiler production reached 12.53 billion chickens, a 6.61% increase compared to 2018. An increase also occurred in laying hens, which almost reached 495 million birds marking an increase of 5.17% compared to 2018. Conversely, the turkey sector dropped almost 43% with 28.24 million turkeys produced in the region.

Despite a drop in 2018, Brazil increased broiler production by 11% in 2019 and helped contribute to the overall growth in Latin America. Other countries also grew in production numbers, including Argentina (6.4%), Colombia (4.07%), Peru (3.82%), Venezuela (18%), Ecuador (3.4%), Costa Rica (6.7%), Panama (2.2%) and Paraguay (3.3%). Of the countries with a slight decrease, Chile (1.23%) and Mexico (0.3%) stood out.

The laying hen population increased in almost all countries except Venezuela, which showed a decrease of 27.40% and has been decreasing for several years. Those that registered the greatest increases in proportional numbers were Ecuador and Colombia, with 15.4% and 14.6%, respectively. Increases in other countries included Panama (34%), Argentina (5.75%), Brazil (2.86%), Costa Rica (3.16%), Mexico (1.23%), Paraguay (3%) and Peru (1.47%).

“In 2019, strong growth of Latin American poultry in Brazil and Mexico continued to dominate the panorama of the chicken and egg sectors,” says Benjamín Ruiz, Editor, Industria Avícola. “But the dynamism also comes from Argentina, Colombia and Peru, among other countries.”

To compile this report, Industria Avícola conducts the research annually with results from a combination of company-submitted information and estimates from industry sources. The Top Company edition includes information not found elsewhere with additional details available online.

WATT Global Media offers an extensive online database for the Latin American poultry market. Each listing includes a link to profiles that include company headquarters, contacts, products, production volume, subsidiaries and additional brands. Free website registration is required to view data and download information from the online system.

To access the Top Company database for the Latin American market, go to https://www.industriaavicola.net/companias-lideres/.

Find the digital edition of Industria Avícola’s Top Companies magazine at www.industriaavicola-digital.com/industriaavicola/april2020.