The National Institute for Animal Agriculture (NIAA) recently elected offices and executive committee members who will guide the organization over the next two years. In addition, three new board members were elected, and three current board members were re-elected. 

The officer team includes Kevin Maher, Board Chair, VetMeasure, Inc.; Eric Moore, DVM, Vice Chair, Norbook, Inc.; Chelsea Good, Treasurer, Livestock Marketing Association; and Michael Short, DVM, Secretary, Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services. 

In addition to the officer team, the board of directors elected three members to serve at-large on the executive committee. Joining the officers on the executive committee are Todd Low, Hawaii Department of Agriculture; David McElhaney, Allflex USA; and Lucas Pantaleon, DVM, Engormix/Pantaleon PLLC. 

Members of NIAA elected three new members and re-elected three existing board members. New board members are Joe Leathers, 6666 Ranches; Justin Smith, DVM, Kansas Department of Agriculture; and Roger Saltman, DVM, RLS Management Solutions. Re-elected board members are Fabian Bernal, DeLaval; Lucas Pantaleon, DVM, Engormix/Pantaleon PLLC; and Leonard Bull, Ph.D, Logical Solutions Consulting. 


“I look forward to working with our board and newly elected officer team as we continue advancing the animal agriculture sector of our food and agriculture system forward,” Kevin Maher, Board Chair, VetMeasure, Inc., says. “Animal agriculture has tremendous potential while also facing several obstacles. NIAA will continue to bring animal agriculture leaders together to collaborate while deriving solutions for our sector.” 

Additionally, the NIAA Board of Directors has named J.J. Jones with Roots & Legacies Consulting, Inc., as the full-time executive director. Jones and his team have led the organization through the interim period for the past six months. 

As a member-driven non-profit, the National Institute for Animal Agriculture works to unite and advance the aquatic livestock, beef, dairy, equine, poultry, small ruminant, and swine sectors that, collectively, form animal agriculture. 

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