There are many variables that contribute to broiler breeder flock performance. Trace mineral supplementation is one way to help improve broiler breeder weight gain, feed conversion egg shell and chick quality, hatchability, overall immunity and other productivity measures.

"Trace minerals are essential nutrients required in small daily amounts. They are vital in every aspect of life, deeply involved in many enzymatic reactions, acting as catalytic elements. They are a fundamental part of the formation, development and maintenance of organs and tissues in the body, such as skin, collagen, membranes, bones, etc. Among other functions, trace minerals play crucial roles in immune response, hemoglobin formation, the metabolism of glucose and thyroid hormones and as part of antioxidants and stress controllers," explained Dr. Leonardo Linares, Global RNS Species Leader – Poultry at Zinpro.

It’s all about the egg

Egg quality can be one of the most important performance tools when it comes to broiler breeders. Shell breakage is the cause of 80-90% of downgraded eggs, so finding ways to improve shell quality is paramount.

What kind to use?

Organic minerals in a chelated form are typically preferable compared to their inorganic compound. They more closely resemble minerals found in nature, resulting in better bioavailability, stability and movement across the gut.


Each mineral offers something different to a layer’s diet, so it’s important to pick the one that’s right for your farm. Selenium is used for cellular protection of the reproductive tract. Copper is used for eggshell development, pigment and collagen formation. Manganese is important for the eggshell membrane and helps with the formation of bone and the organic matrix of eggshells. Zinc can be used for bone and eggshell calcification, keratin shell membrane formation and eggshell carbonate production.

Join Linares, and Maureen Bain, professor at the University of Glasgow on Wednesday, July 29 at 9:00 a.m. CDT to learn more about how to use Performance Minerals to improve hen productivity.

"This webinar will highlight the importance of a good mineral nutrition program to maximize the production of fertile eggs and quality chicks, and how trace minerals plays a fundamental role in the process," Linares said.

Free registration for “Beyond the egg, strategies for successful breeder nutrition” is now open. The webinar is proudly sponsored by Zinpro Corporation and presented by WATTAgNet and WATT Global Media.