Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller joined Cal-Maine Foods for an egg donation event that provided 140,000 meals to local Texans amidst a global pandemic. Over 280,000 eggs were donated to the Central Food Bank and will offer local communities’ essential protein in trying times. This year, Cal-Maine Foods has donated close to a quarter million dozen eggs to organizations within the state and even more nationwide.

“I am honored to be a part of a remarkable donation like this,” Commissioner Miller said. “I applaud Cal-Maine Foods and Central Texas Food Bank for their dedication to ensure Texans continue to eat during this difficult time. Our farmers and ranchers produce the food and fiber, but it takes folks like these to help get it to the plate.” 

Cal-Maine Foods is the largest producer of shell eggs in the country and has catered to Texas for the last 45 years. From the Panhandle to South Texas, Cal-Maine foods plays a vital role in the state’s food supply. As COVID-19 continues to impact communities across the state, agriculture businesses prove the food supply chain in Texas remains strong. 

“We are proud to have Commissioner Miller here with us today as we continue our relationship and mission with the Central TX Food Bank to give back to the communities in which we operate,” said Todd Walters, Vice-President of Operations at Cal-Maine Foods. “Cal-Maine Foods will continue to be dedicated in serving our fellow Texans with quality protein during these trying times and beyond. We are thankful for what the food bank does as well as what Commissioner Miller continues to do for the state’s agriculture community and those in need.”

The Central Texas Food Bank works with food donors across the country, financial supporters and volunteers to fill unmet needs in Central Texas. This commitment from private, government and charitable partners has allowed us to bring 39 million meals to our community last year and into the hands of families and local nonprofits that turn to them for help.

“We are very grateful to our friends at Cal-Maine Foods for this generous donation of fresh eggs, an item we would normally have to purchase,” said Derrick Chubbs, President and CEO of the Central Texas Food Bank. “These eggs will be an excellent source of protein for thousands of our neighbors in need and be a great help to the Food Bank at a time when our resources are stretched to the limit.”