Duncan Everett has been named to the role of CEO of the U.K. egg producer Noble Foods Group. Everett will take over from Dale Burnett who is stepping down as CEO in October 2020 after four years in the role.

Everett is presently the CEO of food ingredients company Kerry Foods. He joined Kerry Foods’ graduate program in 1995 after studying economics and quickly rose through the ranks to hold a number of senior finance roles, including CFO, before taking on leadership positions as MD of the meat technology business and in 2017 he became CEO.

“Duncan brings his strong commercial acumen to Noble Foods along with invaluable experience driving business performance in both fruitful and difficult times,” said Sarah Dean, owner of Noble Foods. “Duncan embodies the values that are extremely important to us as a family business. He is committed to fostering a proud culture while also encouraging teams to take risks and challenging them to look for new ways to connect and build relationships with our partners, from farmers to retailers, consumers and our business customers.”


Commenting on his appointment, Duncan said: “Kerry Foods has been a fantastic and enjoyable experience and the team and I have delivered robust results. I will always be thankful for the opportunities and confidence that the team had in me. I’m excited about the potential that Noble Foods holds and the role I can play in creating a sustainable future for the business and the brands under its wings.”

“It almost doesn’t bear saying – these are extraordinary times that has stress-tested the resilience of every person in the food industry. The stories that I’ve heard from the team at Noble Foods fills me with the confidence and excitement that we can drive the business forward despite the turbulent times the U.K. is currently facing.”

The Noble Foods leadership team has been working closely to manage the smooth transition of the business from Burnett to Everett, who will join the business on September 2, 2020.