Even when egg industry members were attending live events before the COVID-19 pandemic began, it seemed that a lot of professionals in the U.S. egg industry were skeptical of its ability to reach its goal of 85% cage-free by 2025. Recently, during virtual events, industry members have still been expressing those same concerns.

In a video interview with WATTAgNet, Mark Kleinsmith, national sales manager with Lubing Systems spoke about the current egg industry market and what considerations need to be made to reach the cage-free goal.


"The industry is trying to close the gap the best it can, but they are limited in several areas. No. 1, financing, profits have been absent in the last 18 to 24 months because of the current number of birds that are laying eggs on a daily basis …," Kleinsmith said.

He goes on to explain several other factors and what key considerations could be made to help egg producers make the cage-free transition.