Sun Hao, president of Beijing Huadu Yukou Poultry Industry Co., Ltd., said there are six broiler breeding requirements and nine poultry welfare standards that the Chinese poultry industry must meet in the modern era.

Hao gave a report titled “Ability and Vision: Making Poultry Enterprises Competitive,” during International Poultry Forum China (IPFC), held August 7-8 in Jinan.

“The country, consumers and producers are jointly pursuing a new era for the development of China's poultry industry with Chinese characteristics,” said Hao.


According to Hao, broiler breeds in the new era must meet six requirements. Those are:

  1. Pure breed
  2. Delicious meat
  3. Low cost
  4. High survival rate
  5. No-antibiotics breeding
  6. Separate feeding of male and female

Additionally, Hao said poultry products produced according to animal welfare standards are increasingly being expected from Chinese consumers. Those standards include:

  1. No immunity
  2. No medicine
  3. No disinfection
  4. No grouping
  5. Proper temperature
  6. Fresh air
  7. Clear water
  8. Bright light
  9. Fresh materials

“In the production of broiler chickens, the quality of feedstock, the production process and the finished product must be strictly controlled,” Hao said. “Reasonable and accurate feeding standards should be adopted according to different breeds of broiler chickens.”