Many efforts are needed to promote the healthy development of the Chinese broiler industry, said Gu Yunfei, president of Jiangsui Jinghai Poultry Group Co. Ltd.

In his speech,“Analysis on the Dilemma of White Feather Broiler Industry and Suggestions for Future Development,” presented at the Ninth International Poultry Forum China, held August 7-8 in Jinan, Yunfei, said China's white feather broiler industry is facing the following difficulties:


  • It is difficult to make white-feather broilers the “breeding core” in China during the short term.
  • The comprehensive treatment of aquaculture waste lags behind the desired levels.
  • Grandparent generation introduction face closure.
  • The task of epidemic prevention and control is arduous.
  • Raw feed materials are dependent on trade for the long term
  • False reports to the public affect consumers' perception and trust of the industry.

In this regard, Yunfei gave the following suggestions:

  • The government should open up the introduction of good varieties in the case of immature breeding varieties in China.
  • The threshold of grandparent stock breeding practitioners should be raised, and the leading enterprises should be supported with certain technical strengths.
  • The government and the poultry industry should guide consumers to have a correct consumption concept of meat from white-feather broilers.