Digital services and solutions are changing the way we live and work, and livestock production is no different. Here are five things you should know about Precision Livestock Farming (PLF):

  1. What is PLF?

PLF is a system designed to save time and money, and produce greater yields using the latest advancements in computer vision, big data analytics and machine learning. It’s a data-driven approach which integrates information from drones, cameras, in-barn sensors and other devices to scout every part of a group of livestock and detect, determine and classify anomalies and diseases before human eyes can ever detect them.

  1. Who is PLF for?

All companies along the agricultural value chain are affected by transformation processes. From seed and plants, to feed mills, to farms, to slaughterhouses, to retailers, and all the way to the dinner table, our organizations face a growing need not just to keep up with tech innovation, but to actively push the boundaries and stay ahead of the digital developments. PLF will help food producers do just that.

  1. Why is PLF important?

Managing livestock is getting more complex and traditional approaches are no longer sufficient. Technological developments now allow producers to use sensors and software to help them better understand the condition of their flocks, helping to increase the performance or improve uniformity. PLF is about going beyond just gathering data and investing in new sensor technologies. It combines science-based know-how with real-time connectivity and innovative nutritional and health concepts, all embedded into specific digital solutions.


  1. What are the benefits of PLF?

Access to accurate, timely data by different stakeholders across the entire production process opens new perspectives for R&D managers to develop new innovative products/processes or improve existing ones. This holistic approach means producers can understand and optimize the status of their animals and take the appropriate action, including preventative measures. This leads to better animal health and improved profits.

  1. What is Evonik’s involvement?

Evonik’s vision is that its PLF system will provide meat producers precise information about the current condition of feed ingredients, finished feed, animals in a flock and meat output – for the benefit of healthy, high performing animals in a sustainable and profitable livestock production. We have acquired two data companies, Porphyrio and OPTIfarm, to ensure we can make this vision a reality.

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Johann Fickler, Vice President, Precision Livestock Farming at Evonik