The Broiler grower, Jan Nyboer and his son Roben, achieved the best broiler performance with the Cobb 500 broiler in Germany in March 2020. The Nyboer family, with 176,000 broilers in 49847 Wielen, has been a loyal partner of Cobb Germany Avimex GmbH for many years.

The broiler crop, which was depleted in March 2020. Cobb broilers achieved a daily weight gain of 76.4 g (3286 g on the 43rd day). This weight was achieved by also adding whole wheat of about 10% on the compound feed. The feed supplier was Agrifirm and the corrected feed conversion to 2500 g live weight (3 points total feed conversion per 100 g live weight) of 1.406 was achieved, which was the most successful flock from an economic point of view.

Jan Nyboer and his son, Roben, have been working with Cobb 500 broilers for years and are very satisfied with the performance and economy of the Cobb broilers. The family always emphasizes good flock uniformity, stable broilers and easy management of the Cobb broilers as essential reasons for choosing Cobb 500 broilers. Jan Nyboer also said that the additional wheat on top of the compound feed makes the Cobb 500 broiler economically particularly advantageous, because Cobb 500 broilers take wheat from feeder pans well and do not disperse them in the litter and the growth rate of the flock is not negatively affected.


We congratulate the Nyboer family and wish them further excellent cooperation and continued success.