With a theme of innovation and progress, the 9th International Poultry Forum China (IPFC) was held on August 7-8, 2020, in Jinan City, Shandong Province, China. More than 600 experts, entrepreneurs and representatives from the poultry meat and egg industry chain attended the event.
To address its theme, the event focused on “the poultry industry under uncertainty,” including in-depth analysis and discussion on the difficulties and opportunities of the poultry industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. Additional presentations included global trends of Chinese poultry meat production and consumption supply chain opportunities globally, development strategy under no-antibiotics and antibiotics reduction policy, precision farming and digital technology application development issues.
At IPFC’s opening speech, Dingding Li, publisher of Poultry International China magazine and general manager for LyJa Media said, “Today, changes unseen in a century are still evolving. The important thing is that we should re-examine the world, rethink the relationship between human and nature, between biology and between countries, and welcome the new world order with a new attitude in addition to dealing with COVID-19, the economic recession and the food crisis.”
Attendees were able to participate in discussion and planning for the next decade for the poultry industry. Sessions at IPFC explored promoting the healthy development of poultry industry, branding as an inevitable trend of future development, maintaining the core advantage of poultry to meet challenges, keeping up with consumer trends and make changes and other timely topics.
The International Poultry Forum China was organized by Poultry International China and LyJa Media, in cooperation with WATT Global Media and supported by World's Poultry Science Association, National Poultry Industry Branch CAAA and Shandong Poultry Industry Association.
The 2021 event dates and location will be announced at a later date.