INNOV’SPACE distinguishes the best in innovation during the SPACE trade show, which in the 2020 edition is taking place virtually, with a series of conferences, animal contests, mobile apps and expos.

SPACE President Marcel Denieul and SPACE General Commissioner Anne Marie Quemener presented the awards for the most innovative products at a ceremony, which was broadcast live from France. Around 80% of exhibitors and visitors to attend SPACE every year do so to discover innovations.

Of the 26 awards, 18 received one star, seven earned two stars and one received the special mention of three stars. Listed below are the innovation awards related to poultry and feeds:

One star:

Ar-Tekh Scraper

A horizontal alternative scraper of poultry manure on the developed and perfected floor, consisting of a drawer with horizontal tilting shutter that closes when moving forward and opens when backing. It detects the end of movement with a dust sensor and is operated with a frequency dimmer that allows its optimum operation.

Granul’ar-Tekh manure pellet maker

An automated system designed to control an organic production line of pellets, such as poultry manure, which allows to establish and control the different stages of pellet manufacturing such as dilution, grinding or cooling. In addition, it keeps a manufacturing log that includes batch number, temperature history, process monitoring and adjustment of possible alarms. It can be accessed remotely interactively via the Internet and with a dedicated application.

Flexevi evisceration modular base, from Bayle

A first evisceration modular base with adaptable tools, specially designed for small slow-paced poultry processing plants. Flexevi is a modular base designed with the cross-table principle that allows for perfect evisceration results regardless of the tool chosen. It is recommended for slaughterhouses that process up to 800 birds per hour. The innovative concept will allow the medium-term use of all evisceration tools on the same platform through rapid change.

Inedia Mycotoxin xenosensor, from Biodevas Laboratoires

The first xenosensor on the market for feed mycotoxins management, Inedia is a new approach to mycotoxins management, not by capturing them, but by raising tolerance thresholds of animals by stimulating the metabolism of xenobiotics. It maintains animal performance in the presence of mycotoxins by managing oxidative stress that induces the stimulation of endogenous antioxidant enzymes necessary to maintain digestive and hepatic structural integrity. It stimulates endogenous xenosensors involved in mycotoxin management and xenobiotic metabolism enzymes. It is not specific to a contaminant or mycotoxin. It is a phylogeneic additive fully assimilated by the organism, meeting the animal welfare criteria.

Agility Bed Material Spreader of Emily


The “Agility” hydraulic power pack is suitable for the Vulcano trailed disc straw spreader, positioned at the third rear point of the tractor. This position allows for a wide steering angle as well as the possibility of spreading straw safely during maneuvering. The new design prevents any risk of interference between the universal joint and the rear wheels on the one hand, and with the lifting arms on the other, preventing mechanical failure and accidents.

TH-Gold formic acid disinfectant from THESEO France

TH-Gold is the first disinfectant in France for animal production based on formic acid as the only active ingredient. Formic acid occurs naturally in nature, secreted by ants and nettles as a defense method. This low-rated biocide with a favorable toxic and ecotoxic profile allows TH-Gold to be used in organic production. Regularly, organic acid-based disinfectants have the defect of producing low foam, but this product gives a particularly dense and soft foam that adheres to surfaces. It will be marketed in France around November/December 2020.

Two stars

BHW77 poultry hot water air heater from BHF

A specially designed water air heater for poultry use with vertical water coils to prevent dust build-up. They have large spacing between fins to prevent dust clogging and are treated against corrosion. The air diffusion is adjustable in all directions with two flaps (top and bottom) positioned on the eight air outlets. Regulation is easy by closing the hot water coils. It features fan speed modulation for poultry comfort and noise reduction. No CO2 or moisture inside the house.

Balancius muramidase by DSM - Novozymes

The only muramidase that degrades peptidoglycans authorized for poultry meat,  Balancius is a unique innovation developed by DSM and Novozymes, the first muramidase (microbial enzyme) designed to degrade and attenuate the effects of bacterial debris in the gut of birds. It hydrolyzes peptidoglycans in debris to prevent them from attaching to enterocytes, thus reducing local inflammation and improving nutrient adsorption. The performance benefits observed are better feed conversion rates, better bed quality, higher meat yield and less pododermatitis.

Process Lunix in ovo sexing by Groupe Grimaud

The non-intrusive Lunix process can detect the sex of future ducklings in embryonic stage of the two main French strains: Muscovy and mule ducks, without having to pierce the egg. This technique provides all health guarantees and allows ducklings to be sexed on the ninth day of age. The spectrometry technique coupled with an artificial intelligence and automatic learning device allows the sex of the duckling within the egg to be recognized with a camera by using scenarios programmed in the form of algorithms that analyze the color of the embryo's eyes: light for females, dark for males.

Three stars

SOC Machine in ovo sexing machine from Orvia

25 years ago, Orvia identified a specific phenotype resulting from the natural mechanisms of species evolution. Orvia calls "auto-sexable" mule ducks at hatching: sex identification is made by the color of the eyes, red for females and black for males. Based on this specific sexual dimorphism, the SOC machine (sexed in duck egg, by its acronym in French) allows to distinguish them at an early stage. This non-invasive procedure is reliable, fast and completely preserves egg integrity. This 100% animal welfare innovation avoids incubating female mule that will not be sold.