Hartmann North America has announced a second significant expansion of their facility in Rolla, Missouri. The expansion will allow the facility to keep up with the growing demand for sustainable moulded-fibre packaging and significantly increase job growth. 

Since its establishment in 2017, the factory in the USA has contributed to Hartmann’s volume growth in North America where capacity utilization is high at the group’s two factories in the USA and Canada. 

“We are very pleased with the progress this facility has made since 2017” notes Karl Broderick, President of North America. “Execution of phase 1 has gone very well despite the unique challenges from COVID-19. We are positioning our platform for continued growth in future years and are ensuring we are there to support our customers.” 

There has been a positive shift in consumer purchasing habits and an increasing demand for sustainable packaging. Despite COVID-19, consumers are still looking for brands with more eco-friendly and recyclable packaging – moving away from plastic and polystyrene foam materials. 


With this rise also comes with the growing consumption of eggs. On average, Americans consumed 292 eggs per person in 2019, which makes the USA one of the countries with the highest egg consumption worldwide. This increase means egg packers and retailers need more packaging and the expansion of the Rolla factory is largely driven by this growing consumption and need. 

Rolla’s second expansion within a 2-year period will further strengthen Hartmann’s position in the North American market and serve to accommodate the increasing demand of moulded fibre egg packaging.