The pace of change has accelerated for poultry producers. The COVID-19 pandemic, African swine fever, new trade deals, increasing demands from activists for production system changes to improve bird welfare, increased sustainability and reduced antibiotic resistance are all impacting how poultry and eggs are raised, processed and marketed today, and even more so in the future., formerly, is the poultry industry’s source for information that will provide solutions for current challenges and help you prepare for the challenges of the future.

In 2020, WATT Global Media launched the Poultry Future channel and WATT Poultry Chat. Poultry Future brings you coverage of the emerging consumer trends that will impact how broilers, turkeys and layers are raised and how poultry meat and eggs will be processed, marketed and distributed in coming years. In addition, the promising new technologies that will improve bird performance, food safety and overall operational efficiency are investigated. WATT Poultry Chat brings you interviews with economists and other poultry industry experts in a brief video format that provides you the insight you need.

Advertisement will continue the outstanding daily news coverage you have come to expect from WATT. The website is also the home for the most complete information available anywhere on the World’s Top Poultry Companies. Company profiles and data can be accessed on broiler, turkey, duck and egg producers form around the world. The website also houses directories of solution suppliers for all aspects of poultry production and processing.

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