Claybom, a traditional BRF margarine brand - one of the largest food companies in the world, introduces the new Butterbom flavored butter. In addition to the novelty, the brand’s packaging was also redesigned, bringing a new, more modern visual identity, while maintaining the iconic “little girl Nhac”, Claybom’s mascot . The news is already available in Brazilian supermarkets.

The innovations arrive to celebrate Claybom’s 70th birthday, which also had its formula updated. With 60% lipids, the new flavor allows even more versatility in culinary applications, combining the ideal creaminess of margarine with the differential of the butter flavor.

As for the packaging, the idea was to give a more contemporary touch to the traditional brand, without losing one of its main characteristics, the “little girl Nhac”. Very well-known by consumers of several generations, her image continues to stand out, but with a more modern design that better portrays her personality. In a study carried out, 96% of consumers know Claybom for its history and tradition, in addition to the strong affective memory with the mascot that refers to the childhood of many Brazilians.


“To celebrate the anniversary of one of the most traditional margarines in Brazil, we decided to bring some innovations to the brand without neglecting quality. The new butter flavor arrives to complete our portfolio and give consumers one more option. The new packaging, on the other hand, gives a more modern touch to the brand,”, explains Mariana Arieta, Executive Manager of Margarine Marketing at BRF.