COVID-19 has led to serious changes in various ag markets, including the egg market, and in some cases led to daily disruptions in operations.

In a video interview with WATTPoultry, Brock Peterson, the former President of Opal Foods and a current consultant in the agriculture industry, spoke about what it was like managing approximately 400 employees and almost 10 million layers, spread among three different states during a pandemic.

Utilizing virtual communication channels is critical, he explained. He noted that he even created his own YouTube channel to speak with employees. This method allowed employees to share information about COVID-19 as it pertained to their work with family members.

He also addressed his predictions for the upcoming flu season and what it will mean for the egg industry, both from an operations and economic standpoint.


Peterson doesn’t believe that the egg industry will see the same price increase it did during the initial pandemic panic buying episode.

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