During Delmarva Poultry Industry, Inc.’s (DPI) 55th National Meeting on Poultry Health, Processing, and Live Production, eight flock supervisors from Delmarva’s five chicken companies received Outstanding Flock Supervisor awards. As flock supervisors, they work with independent chicken growers as liaisons between the farmer and the chicken company.
The flock supervisors honored were: 

  • Ryan Hanie, from Tyson Foods
  • Cameron Horne, from Allen Harim
  • Barry Munoz, from Perdue Farms
  • Justin Tomlinson, from Mountaire Farms
  • Wade Parks, from Amick Farms, a two-time recipient of this award
  • Mindy Phillips, from Perdue Farms, a two-time recipient of this award
  • Jeff Layfield, from Mountaire Farms, a four-time recipient of this award

Doug Pusey, from Perdue Farms, a seven-time recipient of this award


“This year flock supervisors have faced challenges like no other. They’ve had to ask growers to do things, like extend growout periods on little notice, that would never be asked during a ‘normal’ year,” said Dale Cook, DPI’s president. “To many growers, you are the company, and you’re building relationships with your growers. Many growers look to you as a friend. And you are doing all of this while dealing with the company’s needs, both to meet consumer demand and to match production capacity.”
“Flock supervisors make critical connections between a chicken company and an independent family farmer,” said Holly Porter, DPI’s executive director. “We’re proud of these honorees, whose work is vital for the success of the whole chicken community.”