Top poultry experts from governmental institutions, universities and leading enterprises of the industry analyzed the development opportunities and challenges of egg production industry of China under the current new situations and shared their business insights on how to produce and marketing ‘A Wonderful Egg,’ during the second day of the World Egg Day China event on October 10.

A clear definition and the quality standards of ‘a Wonderful Egg’ were publicly released on the day before this forum. Nine leading egg production enterprises co-founded a Wonderful Egg Alliance to advocate the commitment of producing wonderful eggs and egg products to consumers. This event marks a clearer blueprint future development and drives the egg production industry of China stepped into a new era.

Supervision and inspection plays important role in producing ‘A Wonderful Egg’

Cheng Jingen, Quality and Safety inspector of Agricultural Products Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said: “China’s food production is still facing the contradictions between quantity safety and quality safety, scattered production and a rich consumer culture, and high consumer expectations. The production of agricultural products in China still needs to intensify production control, enhance supervision capabilities and solve outstanding problems, especially on the medicine control and medicine residue regulations in small farms.”

“The national routine monitoring parameters for poultry and egg veterinary drug residues have increased from 4 to 13 in the past five years,” added Qiu Jing, director of Risk Monitoring and Assessment Research Office, Institute of Agricultural Quality Standards and Testing Technology, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. “Enrofloxacin and Florfenicol are the top 2 inspected medicines, this also indicates that the drug withdrawal period is crucial in production. Producer, supervision department and poultry experts must be working together to ensure ‘A Wonderful Egg.’”

Guo Tianxin, from Sustainable Development Department of CP Group remarked, “The production enterprises or farmers must firstly meet the national standards, and then make their further improvements based on this foundation.”

Freshness is the first element of ‘A Wonderful Egg’ among all features

According to a market survey which carried out by DSM China, “Freshness and high nutrition are the top two most concerned factors when consumers choosing eggs.”

Xu Guiyun, professor of China Agricultural University, scientist of China National System for Layer Production Technology (NSLPT) emphasized: “Freshness is the first element of ‘a Wonderful Egg’ among all the features, because the levels of nutrients such as lecithin and fatty acids will drop rapidly alongside longer storage time, and the changes of these substances will also cause changes in egg flavor.”

Animal Welfare is different from animal protection

Li Baoming, professor of China Agricultural University, scientist of NSLPT, investigated the “Welfare Breeding Model Suitable for China” and explained “Animal welfare actually refers to respecting the chicken's own behavior and biological characteristics, creating a good environment for the birds to grow up, raising a good layer by improving its own resistance, and then producing a good egg. Moreover, the trend of animal welfare in China has changed from concept stage to technology application. Technological upgrading and transformation is on the way.”


Professor Li Baoming also introduced an aviary welfare system that invented by him and compared the production benefits of this aviary system with traditional cage system, higher production efficiency was found with this system, layers start the peak production period earlier and keep a longer peak time.

Innovation shapes the future

General Manager of Sanovo Technology China, Sui Mingjun, introduced several new technologies which can help improve the safety and productivity on production and sales stage, such as the SonoSteam sterilization technology which can eliminate all Salmonella on the surface and interior of eggshell, as well as the bacteria at surface of transportation baskets, within 1.5 seconds through joint action of steam and ultrasonic.

“We must accelerate the application of intelligence and the promotion of the Internet of Things. In addition, the increase cost on labor and various breeding risks all urgently require breeding enterprises to strive for technological innovation to achieve the goal of sustainable development,” said Yu Jie, chairman of Fujian Goosun Egg Company.

What’s the IP of egg on market?

The last presenter was Zhou Ying, associate professor of Antai College and director of EMBA program of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. She made a wonderful speech on how to positioning and marketing the egg brands with many amazing effect data from the new emerging media and Internet celebrity economy, as well as the distinctive intergenerational differences in consumer demand of Generation Z.

She emphasized that “customer's cognitive cost is the highest cost of a company’s business operations. The market chooses you not because you are standing there, but because of your unique value. ‘Moving people with affection’ is the most rapid way to capture consumer psychology. Egg brands must believe in the ‘0.2-second theory’ and put more attention on the 4S (Story, Scenarios, Sympathy and Surprise) model of sensation dimension in future’s marketing efforts and impress consumers with creativity and beauty.”

There was also a panel discussion regarding how to produce ‘A Wonderful Egg’ from breeder session. Top managers from Beijing Huadu Yukou Poultry Industry Co., Ltd, Layer Division of EW Group and Huayu Agricultural Science and Technology Co. LTD shared their insightful thoughts on how to ensure ‘A Wonderful Egg’ from upstream of the industry.

The forum lasted the entire day.