Digital auditing can ensure that the data recorded in blockchain is accurate, helping food suppliers better meet consumer demand for transparency.

Transparency matters

Consumers are increasingly interested in how their food is made and the culture behind a product or company.

“In the light of recent food scandals, I think we’re all aware that consumer behavior towards food has been shifting. Three-quarters of Americans do not trust the labels on food packaging and 75% of shoppers have declared they are willing to abandon their favorite food brand and switch to a new one if it provides them with more transparency about where their food comes from, how it was made and by whom,” Maxine Roper, CEO and co-founder, Connecting Food, said during the Virtual Poultry Tech Summit 2020

Blockchain provides traceability from farm to fork

As a result, many food suppliers are turning to blockchain technology. This digital technology bring transparency from farm to fork by storing data in a distributed ledger that is securely linked to the blocks surrounding it.

For example, Italy’s largest supermarket chain, Coop Italia, recently implemented blockchain technology to trace their organic eggs. By scanning a QR code on the egg carton, customers can read about the hen’s breed, the packing center and the farm where the egg was hatched.


“Consumers can scan a QR code on the product, linking the story back to the very fields, farm or region that produced it,” Roper explained.

Digital auditing verifies data accuracy

Digital auditing serves as a checks-and-balances system to verify the accuracy and quality of the data before it is stored by blockchain technology, reducing human error and eliminating the need to physically check the data of batches.

“The platform means that a new food brand can identify blockchain-ready suppliers who they can work with to identify product capable of giving the internal traceability that food supply chains need and the peace of mind to be fully transparent with the consumer,” said Roper.

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