Renewable electricity generates significantly lower CO2e emissions compared to electricity originating from fossil fuels. “Compared to last year, a shift to green electricity is estimated to lower HKScan Denmark’s total CO2e emissions from our own production by 60 per cent, which is an impressive figure,” says Jukka Nikkinen, EVP for HKScan Denmark. “Thanks to this change, all electricity used for producing our ROSE poultry products is now renewable.”

Strong commitment to reducing energy consumption

Companies can reduce their energy-related emissions in two ways: by reducing energy consumption, which also reduces energy-related carbon footprint, or by switching to renewable electricity.

“As a company, we are committed to both: we continue improving our energy efficiency systematically and at the same time, we have chosen to use renewable electricity," Jukka says. Reducing climate impacts, improving energy and water efficiency, promoting material efficiency and eco-friendly packaging are at the heart of HKScan’s environmental work.


“It is important for us that our customers and consumers always know where our food comes from and that it has been produced in a sustainable way. That is our way to contribute to the tastier lives of consumers – today and tomorrow," Jukka summarizes.