Find out which 10 blog posts attracted the most readers in 2020:

1. Will the US experience another COVID-related shutdown?

Deven King: Politics aside, with flu season coming, another shutdown may be ahead and could impact poultry and egg production.

2. Review: McDonald's spicy chicken nuggets good, not great

Deven King: Under increasing pressure to release a competitive chicken product, McDonald's released a spicy version of the original chicken nuggets. 

3. COVID-19 raises questions about egg market, boosts meat sales

Deven King: The American Egg Board (AEB) released a consumer pulse update by conducting a survey to provide consumer perceptions and changing eating and shopping behaviors in the current environment influenced tremendously by the COVID-19 pandemic.

4. Chicken rumors no help in COVID-19 control

Mark Clements: Nobody knows conclusively from which animal the novel coronavirus jumped into humans, but what we do know is that transmission is now from human to human. 

5. Why some farmers support a Biden presidency

Roy Graber: What will the U.S. agriculture industry be like under a Joe Biden presidency and Kamala Harris vice presidency?


6. Wayne Farms chicken so popular it backs up traffic

Roy Graber: If the Wayne Farms personnel ever questioned how much consumers in Albertville, Alabama, enjoy the company’s chicken products, there should be little doubt now.

7. Iowa farmers devastated after catastrophic storms

Deven King: The perfect storm that has been 2020 continues, and this time it is actually weather-related.

8. Italy’s poultry industry paying high price for COVID-19

Mark Clements: The fallout from COVID 19 is hitting Italy’s poultry industry both at home and abroad.

9. Woman dies protesting for animal rights

Deven King: Regan Russell is a People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) member who was killed by a pig-transport truck as she stood outside a slaughterhouse in Canada, protesting the harvesting of animals for human consumption on June 19.

10. How COVID-19 has hurt China’s poultry industry

Mark Clements: The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, while not infecting poultry, has, nevertheless, had a significant impact on China’s poultry industry.