Within the top 13 egg-producing companies in the U.S., seven have changed ranking position from the prior year, according to the most recent rankings provided by the Egg Industry Top Companies Special Report, which details the layer flock sizes of the 68 largest egg-producing companies in the United States (as of December 31, 2020). Egg Industry annually conducts a survey of the top egg-producing companies in the U.S., and also uses estimates from industry sources to produce the rankings each year.

The top six companies remained in the same ranking position from the prior year (Cal-Maine Foods, Rose Acre Farms, Versova Holdings L.L.P., Hillandale Farms, Daybreak Foods and Michael Foods).

Companies in top 13 moving up from prior year

MPS Egg Farms, Weaver Brothers and Opal Foods each rose one spot in the rankings and Prairie Star Farms and Herbruck's Poultry Ranch each rose two spots.

Companies in top 13 moving down from prior year

Center Fresh Group dropped one spot in the rankings and Rembrandt Enterprises moved down the rankings significantly by six spots. Rembrandt’s layer flock, which last year ranked 7 and is now at 13, went from 11.9 million to 7.0 million this year. The company announced in April 2020 that it would close its egg processing plant in Neosho, Missouri, citing competition in the global egg market. Just six months prior to the announcement about the Missouri plant, in November 2019, the company announced it was closing its plant in Renville, Minnesota.


2021 rankings for top 13 US egg-producing companies, by layer flock in millions

  1. Cal-Maine Foods: 44.26
  2. Rose Acre Farms: 27.60
  3. Versova Holdings L.L.P.: 20.06
  4. Hillandale Farms: 20.00
  5. Daybreak Foods: 15.00
  6. Michael Foods: 13.50
  7. MPS Egg Farms: 11.10
  8. Prairie Star Farms: 10.60
  9. Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch: 9.70
  10. Center Fresh Group: 9.37
  11. Weaver Brothers: 8.50
  12. Opal Foods: 8.40
  13. Rembrandt Enterprises: 7.00

Top US egg-producing companies 2015-2020

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World's Top Companies database

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The next set of U.S. egg company rankings will be published in January 2022. To participate in the survey or for further questions, please email topco@wattglobal.com.