Severe winter storms Uri and Viola continue to cause major disruptions across the southern central United States. 

Along with widespread power outages in Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Oklahoma, domestic and international transportation networks are also bottlenecked with impassable roadways, railway interruptions and closures at the Port of Houston in the Gulf of Mexico. The storms have hit Texas particularly hard and officials and utility companies there are prioritizing efforts to keep essential services running and to restore power to residents’ homes. As such, Novus has suspended most operations at its facility in Chocolate Bayou, Texas, where it manufactures methionine hydroxy analogue (HMTBa) for its ALIMET feed additive. 

The health and safety of Novus employees in the affected areas are top priorities and the ability to resume operations fully will be contingent upon safe working conditions. Novus is continually reviewing the situation and will resume operations as soon as it is safe and appropriate to do so. 


Novus is working to minimize disruptions to customers. Since circumstances are changing rapidly, the company will inform customers of pertinent developments. Customers can also contact their Novus representatives for the most up-to-date information.